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“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Harry S. Truman

Recently I had the opportunity to visit one of Washington, DC’s many museums – The Newseum.  The Newseum is an interactive museum of the news and the evolution of mass media.  I have to say it was pretty fun.  Of course one of my favorite exhibits was exhibit First Dogs:  American Presidents and Their Pets. The exhibit showcased some of the dogs that the Presidents have owned and lived in the White House.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit:

President Obama and daughters with "Bo" the Portuguese Water Dog (PWD)


President Bush with "Spot" an English Springer Spaniel

President Clinton with "Buddy" a Labrador Retriever

President Reagan with "Rex" a King Charles Spaniel

President Ford and "Liberty" a Golden Retriever

President Nixon with "Checkers" a Cocker Spaniel

President Kennedy with Clipper, Charlie, Wolf, and Shannon

There are photographs of over 20 Presidents and their dogs are on display.  Check out this exhibit and other fun and interactive exhibits at the Newseum; its worth a visit.


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