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My First Dog Show


Yes, that’s right-I went to my first Dog Show last weekend at the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, MD.  I had only seen the famous Westminster Dog Show on TV and watched some on Animal Planet.  I recently met poodle breeder Mary Watson of  Amid Air Poodles in Fulton, MD.  Mary was so kind to accompany me to the show and show me the ins and outs of the dog show.  For Dog Groomers, going to dog shows is a great way to see how different dog breeds are suppose to look-grooming at it’s best.  Check out a few pictures…


prep area for dogs

poodles getting groomed before entering the ring


ok ok ok- last poodle i promise. hey, i was with a poodle breeder remember-lol

a miniature schnauzer waiting his turn

see, no more poodles

german shorthair pointers

i couldn't resist this great dane-magnificent!

"winner's circle" - winners get their picture taken here




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